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George Brummell grew up in the 1950s in a small, segregated farm community on Maryland's Eastern Shore where he lived and worked with his grandmother, hoeing cucumbers in the hot sun and packing tomatoes in the local cannery.

At 17, he joined the Army for a rowdy Korean tour followed by Vietnam deployment in 1966 in the midst of a bloody Vietcong offensive. A staff sergeant in the Army's 25th Infantry Division, he saw his men picked off by snipers until his luck ran out: a landmine blinded him and shattered his arm.

Over the next 30 years he learned to live–and love–in the darkness, earned a bachelor's degree, and rose up the ranks to become National Field Service Director of the Blinded Veterans Association and an inspiring public speaker.

He returned to Vietnam in 1998 with bicycling champ Greg LeMond on a goodwill tour, perched on the back of a two-seater, with other wounded vets from both sides of the conflict.

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The picture on the cover of the book is with my fellow grunts in Korea in 1962, wearing hats borrowed from some paratroopers so we'd look more commanding! I'm on the lower left. Above, also in Korea, at a more dignified moment.



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by George E. Brummell


A rowdy, honest, uplifting story of a black soldier's
journey through Vietnam, blindness, and back

Click here to watch the powerful, award-winning NBC documentary "Vietnam Long Time Coming" featuring George Brummell's 1998 return to Vietnam.
25th ID patch
Insignia for Hawaii-based "Tropic Lightning" US 25th Infantry Div. Shoulder Sleeve Insignia
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Brummell Clinton
Click to hear George Brummell's Interview on National Public Radio Memorial Day, 2007